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What one should know about a massage visit...

Sensual massages are a trend that is especially popular with people who are looking for tingling relaxation but are not interested in classic sex offers. Usually you are in a passive role during a massage, leaning back and enjoying is the motto.

To make a massage visit a real pleasure, especially for newcomers, here are a few tips and things you should know:


In many places you should or must make an appointment beforehand. 2-3 hours in advance is often enough, sometimes it can be even shorter. Important: Don't transfer your masseuse! When you arrive at your desired address, you will usually be offered something to drink and asked briefly about your wishes. Some offerers have clear and simple service packages, with others one can arrange the desired services modularly. Especially with the latter, it is advisable to fix the total price and duration of the massage before starting. The payment takes place depending upon Gusto of the Masseurin or the Masseurs either before or after the Massage. Since credit cards are rarely accepted, it is important to take sufficient and matching amount of cash with you.

With respect and friendliness, one usually has a better experience than treating one's masseuse as a service provider. Respect also includes a short shower before the massage, which should be offered at every place.

After washing, you lie naked on either a massage table or a bed, usually on your stomach. The rest of the process depends very much on what is on offer and can therefore only be described roughly. Usually the back and legs are massaged with oil first. Afterwards you will be asked to turn around, depending on the massage you will start with the intimate massage (penis massage / vagina massage) or first massage the upper body and legs a little bit.

Practical information

  • In case of doubt it means "no touching" during massages, even if the provider is generous. If mutual touches are possible, that either already emerges from the offer or one gets proper signals
  • To give a tip is not that common in Europe, however definitely expected in the US. In general, if someone has offered a particularly good service and you want to use it again, a little attention never hurts.
  • The catchword "Tantra" is a reason for various providers to demand more money. But with some music and candles it is not done yet. Good Tantra offers are not characterized by a high price, but by the fact that spirituality is in the foreground. Much sensuality, little sexyness. Sexily dressed and young women and men are often an indication of less authentic Tantra
  • Things in the USA are a bit different:
    • Prostitution is illegal in most of the states. Masseuses and masseurs make sure (at least publicly) to not offering sexual services. It is usually the case that a provider is given a "donation" for the time spent together - and not the service as such. The bottom line is that it is subtle, but understandable in view of the legal situation
    • Many providers do not have their own premises but only offer hotel visits
    • To make sure that a customer has good intentions, a form with personal verification is sometimes required before contacting, sometimes even references are asked. This may sound strange to Europeans, but is common practice
    • In most cases the payment before the start of massage is required. You put the money in an envelope on the table, you don't hand it over directly
    • When booking through agencies you have to consider that an agency fee is charged and the provider has to be paid separately - usually this is not communicated so clearly in advance. Therefore it is better to ask or to limit oneself to "independent" providers
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