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Anal/Prostate Massage

This massage is intended for men - after all, only men have a prostate. It is usually offered as an additional service, sometimes even performed without being asked. In an anal massage, the anus is first massaged externally, then the masseuse or masseur penetrates with a finger and massages the prostate. To do this, the finger is bent slightly. Sometimes a specially shaped vibrator or dildo is also used. Usually the anal area is oiled beforehand. One aim of prostate stimulation is to achieve a stronger and deeper orgasm in many cases, and for many men it is also simply a pleasurable feeling. Some can even reach an orgasm only through this stimulation.

Greek massage

Anal massage is sometimes also called Greek massage. It can also include, in addition to touching the anus, kneading and massaging the buttocks and buttock muscles.

Hygiene and health

It is recommended and also seen as a sign of respect if the recipient first goes to the toilet to empty the bowels before the massage. The same applies to the shower that follows, where the anus is thoroughly washed with soap. An even more thorough washing with enema would be exaggerated. For hygienic reasons, the masseuse or masseur should always wear disposable plastic gloves or at least a fingerstall for this treatment.

The health benefits of a prostate massage are controversial and it is even advised against too frequent use. Above all, the treatment should never be performed if the recipient has chronic prostatitis. In this case the infection can spread more widely throughout the body. The irritation of the prostate carried out by doctors has diagnostic reasons.

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