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Erotic Massage

There are obviously different types of massage. Many of them have a therapeutic or health-promoting effect. However, various masseuses and masseurs offer sessions with eroticism. However, the form and structure is very individual.

The right massage with a happy ending

The classic is a massage that is carried out as normal in the main part, for example in the form of a Thai massage. Only towards the end does the moment come when the man is given a hand relaxation. The erotic factor is usually rather low here, but the "happy end" can still be a wonderful experience and rounds off the session wonderfully. The body can hardly get much more relaxing.

More eroticism: A sensual massage

Caressing, touching or simply massaging gently - the possibilities are many, but the focus is clearly on awakening sensual feelings. The masseuse or masseur is usually completely or partially naked or wearing erotic clothing. During the massage, the intimate area is also included, for example by briefly touching not only the penis or testicles but also the buttocks or even the anus. This builds up a steadily increasing feeling of pleasure, which is released at the end with an intimate massage in the form of a climax. This type of massage is also sometimes referred to as a "sensitive massage" or simply an "erotic massage" or "erotic massage".

Erotic massage for women

An erotic massage is also available for women, and in this day and age it is by no means just for men. This form of sexual relaxation, which does not necessarily involve sex, is becoming increasingly popular. During an erotic massage, you are usually in a passive role and simply enjoy the touch.

Whether the massage is performed by a woman or a man is purely a matter of preference and you shouldn't be too shy to express your preference. However, as stimulating a vagina usually requires a little more sensitivity than a penis, it is an advantage if the masseuse or masseur is not doing it for the first time.

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