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Four-Handed Massage

In a four-hand massage, two masseuses or optionally masseurs are present and work on the body at the same time. Even if offered less often, of course, it is also possible that the massage is performed by a woman and a man.

The treatment promises an extremely intense feeling when you are touched by four hands instead of just two. In order not to get in each other's way, the massagers usually spread out over the head and shoulder area, as well as the legs. If space permits, both can also massage the legs at the same time, for example. In the case of a sensual-erotic massage, this approach provides a special tingling sensation. In general, a four-hand massage makes the most sense when the feelings are the focus. In the case of therapeutic massages, the main advantage is the time saved. Normally, four-hand massages are almost twice as expensive.

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